I resently installed Windows Web Server 2008 on virtual machine (VMWare), and configure IIS 7 service.
VM installed on Windows XP, I do have laptop with Windows 7 on it. I can access to website from my laptop with Win7, also I can access to this site by entering localhost in virtual os (web server 2008), but I can not access from my XP machine.
All IP's in same subnet, virtual nic configured as bridget, so i can just write ip of my virtual machine in address bar. I tried change bindigs in IIS, doesn't helped. So what can be a problem? Please help

You are trying to access the website by IP address in the URL? You've already tested to ensure basic network connectivity between the host OS and the virtual guest using PING?

You are trying to access the website by IP address in the URL? --> YES
PING --> I get request time out, from XP and from Win7, but from Win7 I still can see the website, and can not see it from XP

As you have indicated that all three hosts are on the same subnet and you have verified that you are able to get to the web site from the remote Win 7 laptop. So we know that physical connectivity is good between all three hosts since the web site is being hosted on a guest VM.

Based on the rest of your information, it appears to me that you may have something filtering the traffic, possibly a local firewall running on the Web Server 2008 system. While ICMP traffic (PING) is not required for higher level application connectivity, the fact that you are getting a request timed out is an indication that you do have some sort of filtering in place.

I do disabled web server firewall, I do get replays now, but win xp still cann't open website (localhost and remote laptop win7 can)

What do you see in the browser? Error message?

This webpage is not available
The connection to webserver ip was interrupted

I am using Ghrome browser on XP and Win7 laptop

I am not directly familiar with that error, but a quick search on the net using the phrase "Error 101 (ERR_CONNECTION_RESET)" has resulted in plenty of results. It appears that some people only had this issue while using Chrome, while others using various browsers. The only thing that my quick search resulted in is that the problem appears to be with the source computer (your XP host system), and not the web server.

I couldnt find a quick-fix for this issue as people reported various methods of resolving the issue.

I suggest you continue your investigation and read up on the various scenrios and possible actions you can take to resolve the problem on your host OS.

Even from my mobile I can see this website, I think it some securety option that need to be checked. Please If some one have XP installed try to connect to my website at http://zaraza.sytes.net. You need to see "This is a test page" line in your browser

Hang in there, we're making progress... Sounds like you are giving up on me. I was able to reach your page from my XP computer both from Chrome and IE 8. However, the link you provided does produce an HTTP 400 error on my browser.

try this without the (.) at the end:


the (.) is for end of sentence, I don't. know why it added to url, There is no problem to get this page from over computers, I can't. access it from XP host, I think couse I am using the same physical nic will try to access by typing virtual ip of vm nics

If the NICs are bridged, you should have no problem. I've validated that I can even access it from across the Internet so we know for sure that your problem is on the XP host itself, but not because of XP or any specific browser.

If you really want to get into the "weeds", you can install a packet capture program such as Wireshark on both the host OS and the guest VM and collect some network traffic, then analyze it. Once you get at that level, there isnt any magic about it. You should be able to see the packets and where they go.

Yes, the NIC's are bridget, and my tries doesn't end with success, for now I will test my website with laptop and localhost )))), until I'll get the solution

The main problem here is that IIS 7.0 cant be run on windows Xp you need to have WIN7 OR WINDOWS SWERVER FOR THAT

The website is running on a VM guest running Server 2008. This guest is running on a host system running XP.

JorgeM, I installed the WireShark, on both host and guest, I see the red ones lines, but I can not understand what couse the problem, can I send the captures to you?

I'll be more than happy to guide you via this forum. Please understand that my time is limited and troubleshooting packet captures could be quite time consuming. Providing that level support is not something I can offer as a member of this forum.

While the captures can be complicated to decipher, take a pass at it. Look at the source and destination addresses. Does the traffic appear to be leaving one computer and arriving at the other?
You should focus on looking for HTTP related conversations.

I see source and destination ip
I found it reasking and retrasmition, afterwoods I found lines like this one:
Header checksum: 0x0000 [incorrect, should be 0xd5f7 (may be caused by "IP checksum offload"?)], and it reset the connection

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