in my room there are cisco 1900 series,cisco 2600 series,one 24 port d-link switch and there is one CP-8(Which converts optical to elctrical signal).Does these all elvolve radiation which is dangerous to us.I am feeling low from the moment i start sitting in this room. Any body have a idea

Re: router radiation specification 80 80

Which of these are WiFi access points? Regular switches and routers may radiate a little EM radiation, but probably no more than a regular AM/FM radio receiver. WiFi operates in the 2.4, 3.7, and 5 Gigahertz bands. They are low power, and unless they, or their antennas, are right next to you (ie, a couple of inches) they should not be an issue. That said, it seems some people are more sensitive to RF radiation than others. If this is your office, ask to be moved. If it is a personal space, move the gear into a closet or away from your normal location.

FWIW, I have a WiFi access point (2.4 and 5GHz) in my home office where I am right now, about 3 feet from me. I have never felt any effect from it.

Re: router radiation specification 80 80

There is no wi-fi access point or we are not using any wireless techonology.We have only the switchs,routers and CP-8 installed in our premises and according to you there radiation is very little and does not effect human.hence there is no reason to became afraid.Thanks my friend

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