I just signed up for Comcast for an apartment I'm renting in California. (Yes, I'm bicoastal now ... I own my place in NYC and I rent here in downtown Palo Alto.) Either way, I went to the Comcast store and got a little self-install kit that comes complete with coax, HDMI, cable wall huggers (or whatever you would call them), and even coax splitter. I thought it was so cute!! I'm not used to not having to wait a week for the cable guy. Better yet, I'm not used to the cable company thinking highly enough of its customers that they would be able to accomplish a self-install. Because, you know, plugging in power, a coax cable, and an HDMI cable is really difficult.

Well, we don't call it Comcrap for nothing! :-) Good speed though, but I hate their data caps and such. Let us know how it works out for you. I don't know when I'll be out in PA again, though I have family in Sacramento and PA/East PA. If you like jazz then check out the FB page for Marilyn Scott and The House of Bigger Girls. They put on jazz house concerts on a fairly regular basis - really great musicians. Joan Baez helps Marilyn organize some of them. Where else can you hang out under the redwood trees, eating, drinking, and enjoying great music?!

Data caps? I've only had Comcast for 24 hours. What are these data caps you speak of??

Also ... Let me know the next time you're out here!! Isn't East PA super duper sketchy, though??

Re. EPA - not as bad as it was back 20-30 years ago when I lived there full time. Still, it's reputation lives on! Myself, never had a problem. It is right on the wetland preserves - great for hiking and general getting out into nature. Anyway, that's where I stay when I am out in the Bay Area. Interesting side-note. When I lived there in the 1980's, I was "adopted" into the local black biker gang as their "honorary" honky member! We drank a lot of beer, and nobody around would mess with me! :-)

Anyway, Marilyn and her daughters are tall (over 6') blond valkeries. They have been there since the 1970's - I was engaged to M before I met my wife. I lived with them when my wife was doing her post-doctoral work at Cornell, working as a consulting engineer. M was a teacher at the local elementary school and I would teach some computer classes to the kids. I would also babysit her kids when I was working from home. They are all grown up now, and are amazing women! That's why it is the House of Bigger Girls! :-)

So, here is her public FB page: https://www.facebook.com/marilyn.scott.79

Data caps? After you download so much data, they either start to charge you extra, or throttle your connection speed. Comcast is one of the worst for this. AT&T does the same, which is why I have a business connection - no caps and no throttling. If I were to have a consumer connection, then there are caps and throttling.

IE, read the fine print on your service agreement, with a magnifying glass!

Their self-install kits are find so long as you know how to login to the router and tweak the security. They set it for minimum.

Yeah that's what I had to do with Verizon FiOS back in NYC.