Dear All,

I need help in implementation my proposed algorithm for MANETs Routing

either with NS2 or NS3 simulator or any other paossible simulator.


You might want to be a little more specific in the problems you are having with this and the help you need. DaniWeb members are hugely experienced and skilled, but mindreading isn't usually one of their talents :-)

commented: I knew you were going to say that. +15

Thank you for your response, I am new with DaniWeb, I just registered today.
I believe for those who are specialist with my inquiry topic, it's clear enough
for them and no need to be mind reading yet!

The mindreading part is in your top post where you wrote "my proposed algorithm". There's the mindreading part.

Also, this forum tends to not implement for members. That's for you the author or programmer to do. Where do you find help? When you are stuck on a nugget and can't seem to crack it. There have been many that want to have the forum "implement" for them. That is, do the work. I'm sure you understand how this works now.

Thank you, sorry for misunderstanding ..

What is your algorithm? Maybe if you try to explain it to us we can be of better assistance?