My bluetooth and WiFi are no longer visible on my device and even after installing a Bluetooth driver it is still not available.
It shows we couldn't find wireless device on this PC
There is also no Bluetooth nor 802.11 driver in network adapter,
What should I do?

Given little detail on said PC the cheapest fix is to:

  1. Buy the usual 20ish dollar USB WiFi and Bluetooth dongle and plug that in. In many PCs that's it and don't have to find drivers. This is a good fix since a trip to the repair counter here starts at 150USD so big savings.
  2. Remember that there are no details about the PC so while you wrote about drivers I'm running into folk that don't know how to find and install drivers for their PC. That's not a sin but can be costly to resolve since support can be expensive (see item 1.) As such I can't offer what exact driver to try.
  3. Again the lack of details and story hamper us. Maybe the WiFi+BT card failed, came unplugged, was disabled in the BIOS or a list of other issues but details and story mean no one can nail it down. Cheapest fix is likely the answer in item 1.
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