sry 4 my english in advance - i'm not from a english-speaking country ;-)

so, i have a problem with a wireless network. i'm working with on a windows xp system and try to get internet access over a speed touch 510 router connected to a netgear wireless MA111 with usb device.

after installing and setting up the wireless network on the system with the aid of the enclosed cd rom, i get connection to the internet. for 30, 40 ... sometimes more seconds everything is working perfect. then the connection goes down - no site can be loaded. sometimes i have to try to connect for 10 or more times and after a few seconds the connection is bad again.

it seems that pc and wireless station are not able to hold a constant transfer. the information window about the packages sent/received shows that the wireless connectivity is good - but the amount of the packages runs low.

so ... what can i do? the set up seems to be correct because of the successful connection. but after a short period of time everything stands still. could it be a virus? something else, which is perhaps spamming my router?

i would be very happy, if anyone could help me!

thank you very much!!!

hi mate, welcome to daniweb! have you tried installing it all without the disk, as often these cause a conflict between different brands, you can usually set-up a router via its ip address, found out by, opening up the command prompt, then typing in `ipconfig` the address next to default gateway is the address of your router, when you say it loses it after 30 seconds, do you mean the connection to the internet or the wireless network? as this could help determine where the fault lies.

darren :cool: