Hi Guys,

I just recently bought a linksys wireless-G WRT54G and have experienced nothing but frustration regarding the setup. I did everything that the CD said, however at the last part where it tries to connect to the internet, it says that the router cannot detect the internet. Nothing works. I got DSL connection. how do I get this highly frustration bad purchase decision to work even for 2 minutes? God, I hate linksys for making such a stupid set up!

Do you have the DSL modem and router properly connected? Run a CAT5 cable from the modem to the WAN connection on the router.

Do you have your username and password for your DSL connection? You must select PPPoE as the connection type in the router configuration and use that username and password in order for your router to be able to connect your modem to the internet.

Make sure you aren't trying to connect to a neighbors network. On occation with my linksys, it avoids my router and tries to bum off of a neighbor that uses encryption.

1. Have you been unplugging the power on your DSL modem when you switch between your computer and the Linksys router? If not then do so!
2. Does your ISP use DHCP or a static IP (call them if you don't know)
3. Connect to the router using ethernet (if you're not already) until you sort out why you can't get to the Internet and then move on to making the wireless work.

How about PPPoE settings for the DSL ISP? Most DSL ISP's use PPPoE.

You can change that in the internet setup section of the setup tab. (see attachment)

Speaking from experience, the WRT54G is a lovely router...DSL ISPs on the other hand, can be an annoyance.

The PPPoE settings will require a username/password, if you've got them handy it will save a lot of time and aggrivation (especially if your ISP is Verizon). If not, then be prepared to sit on hold while dealing with the ISP.


Hey, Yeah guys i did all your suggestions.
I ended up asking the IT personnel from the office to do all the tinkering, and it involved a lot of pings, ip confifs, yada yada that no ordinary human being who thought the CD linksys gave would suffice can do! Linksys is so awful. I wish I had not bought this piece of junk.
After 2 days of working perfectly fine, it goes bonkers again!
What it does now is get me dc frmo the messengers all too frequently, and i cannot browse the internet, ALL THIS WHILE IT SAYS MY CONNECTION TO THE NETWORK IS... SIGNAL: EXCELLENT.
I hate linksys more than anything that came out of the tech world.
What can be wrong this time?

If you're unable to access the internet, normally its one of the following:

1. Incorrect client TCP/IP configuration
2. Incorrect gateway TCP/IP configuration

Is the Internet LED illuminated on the router?

Also, please post results from an IPConfig.


Grab a screenie and we'll walk through this.