I have just had a new HD installed and already I have a problem. I cannot get IE to open/detect network settings and there is an error in COM3. :sad: AOL told me to delete and reinstall and the minute I did I couldn't get back in hence the move to the other HD which luckily still had AOL on it. I've done all the things that I've been told you but to no avail can anyone help please?
I did a testwith Fix it and these results came back.
LPT PORT no probs
External loopback failure/missing or incorrect
1/ Faulty loopback device
2/ Failure in the LPT connector
3/ LTP may not supply all status lines
But being the original Windows dummy haven't a clue what it means or how to fix it.


It sounds like you are using some Windows variant. What version? I also assume that you had to re-install windows, and are now setting up the new drive, unless you used something like ghost to move one to the other.

Let us know the windows version, and we can go from there.