We bought this router about five months ago and can't get it to work. After running the setup disc that comes with it, we got it to work - well the only problem is I didn't know it at the time. I went to my PC to check if I was connected but I thought I wasn't - the light in the config. utility was red but i was connected - I thought there was something wrong, so I logged into the router's configuration site ( and I changed the settings - I assigned a specific IP to the router (which I forgot - how stupid I was.. :eek: ) and ever since then when I plug in the router my dad's PC doesn't recieve any packets. Even after running the setup agin, and again, and again, and AGAIN it always finishes with the SAME MESSAGE "Connection to the router is unavailable" something like that. I'm then told to click next and it tells me to make sure all the right cables are plugged into the right holes etc.

I REALLY REALLY need help, PLEASE help me - this thing has been driving me MAD for MONTHS! :mad: Currently I'm using a Netgear MR814 v.3 (11mbps) with a WG111T wirless usb adapter which can do 108 MBPS - THAT'S why I want to get the new router working!! We had this problem with the MR814 v.3 router - I have NO idea how the HELL we got it to work....


Thanks in advance :confused:

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Can you load up your router configuration screen from your browser?

no :( oh how i wish i could


How are you resetting the router?

Well I use a needle or something thin to reset the router at the back.

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