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I have just installed a BT 2700 router onto a network and its currently working fine. However i am trying to setup a netgear vpn behind the aforemention BT router. The BT router currently doesnt reconise the presence of the netgear router so im struggling to forward http traffic from the BT router to the netgear device.
Any help, words of wisdom or comments welcome.

just forwared http to the address of the netgear router, and from there to whatever you need to do. why are you having problems with this? be more specific.

The bt router can not see the ip address or mac address of the netgear router so i have no option to forward the http traffic to a device that the bt router doesnt believe exists. The netgear router is a ssl vpn router that is fresh out of the box. I can talk to it locally on the lan and i can ping from the vpn to the bt router. I have now made a hard wired connection directly from the netgear to the bt router (thereby bypassing any possible lan issues) but still no joy.

well u the bt router is now able to see the netgear router coz the netgear router has a static ip address which does not get listed under dhcp client table..
howver inorder to setup a vpn connection behind a router,, u need to have public ip address on the wan interface of that router.. by public ip mean the ip should never begin with 192, or 172, or 10( these r local ip addresses) and any router always gives local ip on the local side.. so if ur bt router is connected to the wan side of the netgear router, although ur internet connection will work frm behind the net gear but vpn will not..
for this u ll have to use ur netgear router as a switch..
for this the ethernet side of the bt router should be connected to ethernet of netgear..
but thats not all
for this the default static ip of the netgear router needs to be changed n brought in the same range of that of the local side of the bt router i ll give u an example
lets say the ip u get on the comp connected to bt router is and the default gateway is will be the ip of the bt router) chk what the subnet mask is
for the above example it will be so u ll change the ip of the netgear so the the first the numbers are the same as the default gateway the last couldbe anything within 254
for exmaple,, u cn use

if the subnet mask is then the first two no. need to be the same,, eg,,,,
once u do this u ll also have diable the dhcp on the netgear router.. so that entire n/w runs on the dhcp of the bt router.. now try the vpn ,,, it should work

i m sorry i meant bt router is not able to see the net gear router because... and the rest is fine

Point1. The bt router does see my 150 statically ip addressed pcs plus other routers on the network so its not a dhcp table issue.
Point2. Im using a single arm network approach to setting up the vpn router which specifally requires a local ip address and not public.
Point3 I maybe a newbie poster but please dont teach me to suck eggs. I have a ccnp, mcse and extensive unix knowledge.

I appreciate your trying to help but im hoping to find someone who has had this same issue as me, with the same or similar equipment.

well, can't help with the BT device, but in my experience, the routers that do not want to recognise devices behind them, unless those are using the router's dhcp, always have an option to add static IPs of such devices behind them. usually that static IP database isn't trivially accessible, meaning you have to have a run through the BT interface and find it. after that is set, and you say in "point 1" it is, the rest should be simple port forwarding. http port 80 is not the port to use for vpn, maybe there lies your problem.

hey solomonski.. nobody is trying to teach u to suck eggs... if u think too much of urself then u should have been intelligent enough to be more specific.. only someone who does nt know much about vppn would have asked a question like the way u did.. obviously m not here dreaming that ur bt router must be seeing statically adressed comps.. neither did u mention anything about the kind of vpn ur trying...
the way u asked the question ... it has many solutions..
n watch ur words.. we r just trying to help. its ur mistake u got that solution frm me..
this is a technical discussion site.. not a customer service,who ll do anything to serve u.. if u do not approve of something u can always say it politely

and since this is a site for technical discussion, and we're trying to have a professional enviornment, shyam_etrx, can you please spell out words and use proper english?

Hi Solomonski

I'm getting the same problem - have you managed to resolve this yet.


Hi Solomonski

I'm getting the same problem - have you managed to resolve this yet.


Sorry Ealesie i eventually gave up and replaced the BT router with a netgear variant.

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