Hi all. I got this problem 3 days ago when I noticed the monitor in my laptop (Toshiba Satellite) flickering (dime and bright in very fast frequencies). It took me awhile to find out that actually the voltage in charger was unstable varying in values 10.5v, 11.5v, 12.5 13.5v, 14.5v, 15.5v and 16.5v most probably causing the flickering (the charger has a small scrren that shows the voltage). Afterthat I noticed that the charger was overheated almost to the melting point since I could smell kind of burnt electrical part. The strange part is that in certain positions (when I lift the charger a bit) the charger actually charges the battery of the laptop because it stabilizes at 15.5v, although the temerature of the charger doesnt decrease. My question is this just a loose connection or something more serious or dangerous for laptop. Just to add that during the flickering the mouse freezes the activity. ANy idea about this?

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If you have isolated the problem to the charger, and that the charger is affecting the laptop, then my only advice would be to stop using that charger and get a replacement. Chargers are cheaper to replace than laptops, or the work it costs to repair them.

Thank you BigPaw. I got it. But, just a small hint maybe, can it be that only the cable of the charger is loose (before I send it for eventual repair)?

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