I just assembled my first computer and its not displaying any image after BIOS.
The motherboard and i have two graphics cards that are securely attached to the motherboard and are getting power.
I do however have to use a dvi to hdmi converter, because the back of my monitor which is a tv doesn't have a dvi input.

Where I assembled the computer did have visual output, meaning I could see the desktop and so on. However I then took the computer to my house and now it seems it wont work. Is it because something is loose, or maybe im missing something?

Here is some hardware information about my computer.
Motherboard: P5N-E SLI
Graphics cards: Nvidia 8800 GTX
Operating system: Windows 7 (formerly Windows Vista)
4 gigs of ram (I have 4 ram cards)
800 watts of power
1 TB hard drive

I've had similiar problems caused by gfx drivers, can you try to boot into safemode?