You really can't blame dell for the anti-competition practices Microsoft engages in, can you?

bitch got what she deserved

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Though many, including myself, prefer to use multiple partitions, for a new-comer like yourself, only using 1 partition would be advisable. Since you stated that you were switching from Vista to Linux, Can I assume that you in fact, do not want Vista on your harddrive? If this is the case, your best bet would be to select the largest partition, make it bootable, and set the mount point to '/'

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And perhaps you can give one reason why you feel entitled to get everything available for free?

I'll assume that you mean "software" when you say "everything." Proprietary software is immoral and antisocial. Their (read: software companies) actions ultimately support a closed society, a society in which sharing is illegal and ideas are controlled by the government, or worse, corporations. If breaking a nominal law is all that stands between me and the empowerment
of myself and the people I know, it's definitely worth it. Information should be unequivocally free and accessible to everyone. The idea that someone can legally "own" information and ideas is ridiculous, wrong, immoral, antisocial, and counter-productive.

[quote=Richard M. Stallman]
It would be possible to fund the construction of all roads with tolls. This would entail having toll booths at all street corners. Such a system would provide a great incentive to improve roads. It would also have the virtue of causing the users of any given road to pay for that road. However, a toll booth is an artificial obstruction to smooth driving—artificial, because it is not a consequence of how roads or cars work.

Comparing free roads and toll roads by their usefulness, we find that (all else being equal) roads without toll booths are cheaper to construct, cheaper to run, safer, and more efficient to use. In a poor country, tolls may make the roads unavailable to many citizens. The roads without toll booths thus offer more benefit to society at less cost; ...

When you steal software you are violation federal and international copyright laws.

Am I supposed to care? If there's no penalty, why not?

Then you are a fool.

I'm a fool for actually formulated my own opinions instead of being baby fed by the government?

You're punished in a way that's representative of the value of the product you've stolen and the value of the product is the listed price.

Software "piracy" is not theft. Theft means to "deprive someone of property by taking it." A"pirate" is not depriving the creator of any property he owns nor deserves.

But as with any crime, you should risk getting caught and being punished.

It's small enough to be negligible. Would I rather pay $6000 for some software or would I rather "pirate" it with the negligible downside of being caught? I, and most others I hazard to guess, would take the "piracy" route.

Ok fine. Reasons why emacs is the best:

  1. It's extensible and configurable. Emacs Lisp (or Elisp) is extremely powerful. In fact, most of emacs is written in Elisp.
  2. It provides a uniform environment. Emacs integrates the entire process of writing, compiling, and debugging into one seamless interface.
  3. It's versatile. Emacs can be used as a diary, planner, calender, telnet client, MUD client, bash shell (eshell), irc client, and much much more.
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Could you add an ignore feature that would ignore all threads and posts created by a specific user?

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Ok if you use firefox: type [icode] about:config [/icode] in the address bar, then search ipv6 and you should get some variable called ipv6Disabled or something of that sort. Set it to true.

If your not using firefox than add the lines:
alias net-pf-10 off
alias ipv6 off
to /etc/modprobe.conf

well it's true.

That doesn't strike me as a particularly convincing argument.

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At least they are christians.

What the hell is that supposed to mean? They're criminal trash that reproduce like rabbits.

The first generation of guest or illegal workers work very hard, but their numerous offspring is not.

I suppose robbing stores and joining gangs is your definition of "working hard"?

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If you want video editing out of the box, i've heard that ubuntustudio is just for this case...also keep in mind that if you pick ubuntu{any flavor} you will have the support of the largest community

But definetely not the most knowledgable.

Oh and whats with debians crappy community? Its awful...

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Wait a second... I thought this was the 21st century...

it would be a li-liger or ti-liger.

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what the hell rashakil? Stop giving me negative rep!

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Chill out and stop hating humanity. The human species evolved this way; deal with it.

not according to religious people ;-)

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if your learning sdl look at some of my sdl functions under c++ code snippets. I think you will find them helpful. I know I do!

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If someone has a strong opinion, it's impossible to change their mind with logic.

I agree with you in regards that when dealing with [I]normal[/I] people, logic and science rarely are effective. What is usaully effective is raising peoples' misplaced emotions, that [B]always[/B] works. But with scientists and other academics and highly intelligent people I do not believe this is the case. For example in Richard Dawkins's [I]The God Delusion[/I] he briefly mentioned a scientist who for 15 years did not believe in Golgi Bodies. This all changed when a scientist delivered a presentation, essentially proving, beyond reasonable doubt, the existence of Golgi Bodies. After the presentation he stood up and said "I've been wrong for 15 years." Did he have a dogmatic and illogical opposition to Golgi Bodies? Was he indoctrinated at birth to believe in Golgi Bodies? No, he just felt that the evidence was not there. And when it was presented to him, he immediately changed his mind. There is nothing wrong with admitting you were wrong. This Richard Dawkins said "brought tears to his eyes."

I personally hate the lord of the rings books. Too boring.

Oh and I do not think my post was edited. It was the post about satan, mind control, and junk in the bible...

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um why did I get an infraction? How was I not pleasent?

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Microsoft office is the only microsoft product that I actually like, much superior to open office... Regardless I hate word processors.... latex is better ;-) (and it looks better)

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I like high fantasy and science fiction.

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the whole Dragon Lance series is the best. The drizzt series is also awesome. Both are far superior to more popular books (e.g lord of the rings, harry potter, eragon)

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heres one (I do not know what it is called. My friend and I were having a competition who could make the fastest sqrt algorithm, so this is mine):

double sqrt(double num)
double mod=1;
double c=0;

for(int d=0; d<50; c+=mod, d++)

return c;



I don't believe people just because they have a PhD. I also tend not to believe people who have a strong opinion about something because it suggests they lack the vision to see more than their own beliefs. :)
I question my beliefs everyday. I have never blindly followed anything in my life. I understand why people believe other things contrary to my belief.

And you strike me as painfully stubborn, so getting into any kind of debate with you would be nothing more than a waste of time.
Is it just me, or do you always use lame remarks like that in most threads? "Im not going to argue about open source" or "If I responded I would get an infraction." If your not willing to put forth your opinion, refute someone else's opinion, or contribute in some conceivable way, than how about not posting? Is that to much to ask? Or do you just want more stars under your name? Or maybe you think people will give you positive rep because you are "fair and balanced"?

Hes the new prime minister right? I doubt it, I mean he will probably want to go in an opposite direction and try to distance himself from bush and blair.

I really do not see why America is considered a "good", "democratic", and "free" country. We are supposed to stand for justice, yet we hold supposed "terrorists" in jail without trial, we kidnap suspicious looking people (basically arabs) and send them to be tortured, we hold rigged elections, the president blatantly lies constantly, and we are hypocritical enough to consider Iran and North Korea "rogue" states. What country invaded Iraq for no reason other than oil? No it wasn't North Korea or Iran, it was the US. Face it, America sucks.

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so true...

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awful! (video quality that is ;-)

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The bible and religion is not only illogical its repulsive. As the video points out, the says that everyone that works on Sundays should be put to death. Does this sound good? Does this sound logical? IT SOUNDS SICK.

for six days, work is to be done, but the seventh day is a Sabbath of rest, holy to the Lord. Whoever does work on the Sabbath day must be put to death.
-Exodus 31:15
This means that most of the world should be put to death. Does this sound logical?

Anyone who blasphemes the Lord must be put to death. The entire assembly must stone him.
-Lev 24:16
This sounds barbaric.

If your hand or your foot causes you sin, cut it off and throw it away.
-Matthew 18:7-9
This sounds absolutely retarded. Only idiots would do this. If you want to amputate yourself you need to seek medical help.

The law of the Lord is perfect.
-Psalm 19:7
This law does not sound perfect it sounds disgusting!

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I did not say game development was not fun.. I said graphical game development is not fun. Programming text based MUDs and nethack like games are extremely fun. After you have finished the text based base, then you can do you start the boring and tedious process of writing a front end for the game.

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