so how difficult would it be to install an early early early version of DOS or Windows to my laptop, and sort of upgrade it myself to work with all of my hardware? To write drivers for my CD drive, wireless network card, etc- until it is a functional and usable operating system for my laptop? I'm not sure how a driver is even written or where to read about the hardward to make one, but I was just wondering if this was reasonably possible for someone to
I suppose it would be a good step in the process of learning to write an o/s?

Is the purpose of this quest to have a stable OS or to have the experience of writing an OS?

(If you want a DOS type interface option that is frequently updated and ever-changing - with both command line / GUI - you could always go for Linux.)

just the experience--
I was thinking of just starting with DOS 6.x, or windows 1 or 3.x or something and learning to write drivers for my newer hardware, and then once that's done learn to write a bootstrapper, etc and actually build my own.
I suppose I could use linux but I would probably have to re-learn a lot of things