another way for increasing traffic to your site will be to post the links in a non-illegal way on a site containing the article that is endorsing your ad with keyword-specific details about the product. also, there are many ways to invest your money online for pay per click ads which will explode sales. but sometimes, you pay a lot just to get to increase your sales, however, there's a secret to getting to buy ads for free (<plug snipped>).

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After reading through this thread, I wanted to add my two cents:)

I have been running adsense on my site for last year or two and it's going well. Google does not allow pay per click, link exchanges, etc. Traffic needs to be primarily search engine generated. I believe you simply need to add valuable content and optimize your site in the search engines.

Making money from AdSense is definitely possible but you need a content-rich site (i.e. not an e-Commerce site). It's a popular revenue maker for forums, especially, because forum goers tend to not click on traditional banner ads as they browse around the site. Text links that are contextually targeted to the individual page seem to fit the bill when there are a large number of unique, user-generated content pages.

If you have a site or blog, put an adsense on it. Then continue to get more traffic beacuse traffic is the major factor in adsense to have a high earnings.

Well ... traffic and a good click thru rate, because a million bots who don't click ads isn't going to do anything. Once you've got a handle on that, high paying keywords doesn't hurt either. The same way you use on-page SEO to focus on the keywords you want to rank for, you can use on-page SEO to focus on the keywords that are the most competitive in AdWords and therefore get the highest CPC rates.

Most people that want to earn money from a website give up early because they don't realize it takes so much time to get it going..

Nothing will work without traffic!! But once you get a good flow happpening the adsense improves all the time.

Better ads placement and blending is a great factor to have a good earnings. But don't forget to get more traffic. It's useless if you have a good ads placement but you have no traffic on your site.

I am making enough to cover most of my cost so far. That is all I want right now. There are affiliate sites. I am going to mix it up a bit. Google is not reliable. The income varies.

Yeah, it's true. Your income will vary depending on your traffic. Affiliate site is also good but beware of scam affiliate sites.

adsense code not available on my forum
any way for this problem?

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I have noticed that I am getting the same amount of clicks but sometimes I get less money for them.
Then I thought I would steer visits to the expensive pages but then their price dropped.. It is very hard to judge. But my earnings are still increasing every month so adsense is still great as far as I know.

Adsense is good and really a good source of extra income. Compare to other PPC program, I still recommend adsense.

I do make money on Google Adsense but not much, just $80 per month and increasing. The only problem is you have to wait until $100 on your account to get paid right now.


Will I make money when my traffic improves?

Surely yes. Traffic is the major factor to have a good earnings in adsense.

Well, actually i made a perfect profit from google adsense program creating mini sites combined into one site. You can email me at <snipped email> or PM me here and ill show you how i did this.

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Web traffic it's important, i have lower traffic in my website and i only win 1$ or 2$/day.

The best way to optimize your income and get google and others to index you is to have alot of content. You can also go the route of googles adwords but i dont recommend it.


how do we make money, through google adsense?

First you need to update your site content, then submit to some search engines. Advertise on some community forum. Keep patient.

try your best to write or collect materials and give your viewer useful info that could reward you adsense fee.

Yes you can also making money with Google Adsense

Yes but it is not easy. As most people say, you'll end up spending alot to learn the ropes.

Once you've got the skills and tools its all about choosing the right products to promote if you're doing affiliate, and the right product with good research behind it if you've developed your own...

Yes, If your traffic increases then you revenue increases, but along with the traffic you Have to get clicks to, And give them a good reason to saty on your sight longer.... Hope this helped!

Rep points Are Appreciated!

Affiliate programs pay much better than AdSense. If you can get banners for a good category (like Car Insurance) you can get paid anywhere from $5 to $30 a click. There are affiliates that earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

Find a good affiliate program and start earning the big money!

improve your content

Unfortunately I have computer tip websites which narrows the variety of adds that are served to me...
If my sites didn't take up so much time already, I would make a few that would attract a high paying keyword..
Your right!! You can make loads by putting the right affiliate links or banners on your site.
You can also make good money selling your own content in an Ebook, which I am doing. This is the best way to make money as I get 100% of the money.

My question is...How do you do it????

Will I make money when my traffic improves?

I have tried to place the ads according to the gurus and google, however I think I need a fair bit more traffic to get things really going...

I am creating unique content so I get picked up by the search engines, creating links out there, and all the usual stuff...

Can someone just tell me if I get more traffic, will I make more money with google??

Yes if you get more traffic you will make more money with google and also increase your potential of making more.

Google ads are just a start but they can make you some extra money.

make content

watch your competitors links and put your urls there

Making money with google adsense yes.... BUT its too too too way too slow... it might take years to get good income :(

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