Yes, google pays for it.. one of the best way is to increase trffic to the site....

I am making few right now. But I am just starting so I guess few months from now and years from now earning will be better

I have been told that there are people who make money clicking on your ads, with no intention of buying anything. Is that an urban legend?

hi every one i am new in this field and am making some site of my own and want to use google addsence in them can any one guide me from 0 wht to do as i have read loot about it but unable to start it till yet ill be thank full to you pll if you help me from starting it from 0 you can mail me on my personal id


yeah i am making good money with adsense , all you need is good amount of traffic high ctr rate " dont know how to get that thou "

It is not too much easy to make earning from adsense but anyhow i am trying, you just prayer for me.

Hi guys
I originally started this post, seems like years ago...LOL

I want to tell you that I am still making money with Google Adsense and now I am going to share what I steps...

The keys to making money with Adsense:

  • Have a website with focused information.
  • Get traffic to that website.
  • Experiment with Adsense ad placement, colours, and sizes.

1. Have a website with focused information

Well this is better if you find a niche topic for your website. Not everyone understands this idea of finding a niche.. A lot of people ask me "What is a keyword?"
If you have a problem understanding niches and keywords then I have a post (includes video) that shows you how to find one. SNIP

If you find a niche to build your website around and do not stray from the subject then the Google Adsense ads will be highly focused. Obviously if you choose an expensive niche, or a niche where people make money, then your earnings per click will be more.

2. Get traffic to that website
This is the big one...But wait...If you built your website using a highly focused niche and the content is just about this...the ads are going to be temping because they will be very focused too...Therefore more clicks. Do you really need thousands of people coming in or do you need the select few that are focused on your topic and are hungry for that info?

Sure a website with loads of traffic is great..but do you want all that hard work to fly out the door when it too so long to get them there? That's why I think Adsense is better suited to smaller niche websites. The niches where you do not have to work too hard for traffic.

By the way, I just recently attended the World Traffic Summit by Brett Mcfall and Tom Hua. All of the speakers there all had one thing in common. They all mentioned ARTICLE MARKETING. LOL, I thought this went out with the floppy diskette and the old LP record!

3. Experiment with Adsense ad placement, colours, and sizes
Do not expect the clicks to come to you. Move your ads around into different positions and test, test, test. Did I mention that you should test. Change the colours of your ads and constantly experiment with different shapes and sizes. People often slap the Google Adsense ads onto a website and leave them there hoping that someone will click on them.

More quick tips to making money with Adsense:

  • Have both image ads and text ads to give your visitor a choice. Some people will avoid banners and some people are attracted to them.
  • Make sure Adsense ads look like they are meant to be there. Just remember that everyone hates an over advertised website.
  • Make sure your Adsense ads do not out way your content. Content is still king and if you want to earn any money you must make sure you have valuable information on the website.
  • Do not put Adsense on websites that have no traffic at all. I have found that this will effect your earnings. Wait until the website is worthy of Adsense ads and you will be rewarded with better earnings.
  • Do not put Adsense on a website that you are trying to sell products on. This will distract your visitors from buying your product.

When you are not earning money with Adsense it is hard to believe that someone wants to give you money for simply putting a few ads on your website. However it is all true. You can earn thousands of dollars from Adsense ads, there is no doubt about it. The true key to earning money with Google Adsense is persistence and action. There I say "Just go for it!"

"GOOGLE ADSENSE" is a good way for online making money from home, which makes it very good way, also it is powered by "GOOGLE" making it very trusted way.
In "GOOGLE ADSENSE", you will get some adds to be on your site and you will get paid per click on these adds.

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I started using Adsense and as soon as I began to make money good money they said that I was using redirected traffic to my ads and they cut me off. I did not but I purchased clicks from a company who I suspected did. What a bummer : (

Adsense is a very good option to monetize your website but you have to do it legally if you want to have a steady income.

you need to get more traffic and that will definitely increase your chances for ad sense earning.

Yes, by increasing your site traffic you can make good money. The main thing is that, if some visitor clicks on adv on your website you get money, so more visitors more money.

Not really much. But that little, it is enough to pay off my hosting fees. It's good enough for me tho..

That depends on the number of clicks, but that's sure you can get your hosting fees from this.

Yes you can make money from Google adsense but make sure your content of website is unique.

I have AdSense on a small website I manage. I don't understand the large variance in the revenue per click that I am experiencing. I can earn $10 on a total of 10 clicks one day, and yet earn only $5 on a total of 25 clicks another day. I suspect this is due to the cost-per-click that advertisers decide upon in their AdWords accounts, but I am not sure. Does anyone know for sure? Thanks.

adsen have got big traffic

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I can buy couple of coffee every week and am happy with it!

For me, I think for you to really make good money from Google Adsense you need a site that can generate 100k traffic per month. And if you're fortunate enough to have many sites running Google Adsense and generating that amount of traffic then, you can be said to be making money from adsense. I know a couple of webmasters who are making good money from Google Adsense alone on their website to the extent that they have refused to allow any individual/organization place any other type banner ads on their site!

I've had an adsense account for a few months but never had much traffic, which is why not too many clicks. Some people get banned as they reach the $100 payout so Google gets the free advertising. I'm sure they've got the banned percentage for no reason / free advertising calculation down. If they ban everyone, then no one will bother with adsense but ban just enough small time bloggers to maximize their advertising bottom line.

i was earning 3 to 5 Dollars in a day, but problem is, google have blocked my adsense account 4 times i dont know why.... :(

So many people earning good money from the Google Adsense. Without traffic how can you earn money so increase your adsense network and get more traffic to your click and get more more...

Honeslty speaking no body is going to tell how much they are earning but if you work good you can get best results.

IMO, the "made for AdSense" sites never make much money longterm (And by that I mean websites which you create just so that you can use AdSense to make some money.) The biggest money makers are really great sites that thrived long before AdSense and will continue to thrive long after ... Because they are good, quality sites.

I am also interested with adsense .. What are the tips to win big? Why do we need programs to run in order to earn some money. Do we need to put more of a blog or articles we rank high? I need help in this regard. Please give me advice. Thank you!

Yes but it is not easy. As most people say, you'll end up spending alot to learn the ropes.

Once you've got the skills and tools its all about choosing the right products to promote if you're doing affiliate, and the right product with good research behind it if you've developed your own...

How do I find legitimate Affilliate programs in order to get banners on my site?

I have started a website just to promote database design. If I sell advertising space on my site...just a few banners, etc. What would be a fair price to charge the advertiser? As I say, its a new site and traffic will not be good in the beginning?
I am just looking at covering my hosting costs? (S.A Rands)

Yes definitely, your adsense earnings would definitely increase with the increase in your traffic. Roughly, you earn one dollar after one thousand visitors. From here you can make a rough calculation regarding how much traffic you need to get good earnings.

Hi guys

I originally posted this thread in 2008 and it is now 2011. Back then I had a website and I still have it today. I have updated on this thread a number of times but after three years experience in trying to make money with AdSense, I actually hit the jackpot.

I have been studying how to make money with AdSense all this time as I realized it would not just happen just by slapping the ads onto a website.

Here are some of my top tips for earning money with AdSense

:) Build a website on a topic you love and money will eventually come to you. Do not build a website that is made for Adsense (MFA) as they die out, just like others have mentioned here.

:) You need to be an expert at perseverance and ready to fail over and over again. You have to get on the course every day and not leave your website without life.

:) Website traffic is the be all and end all of everything in the website game. But not just any old traffic will do. This applies to AdSense as well. You must bring in the buying traffic. Otherwise who will want to advertise on your website? quality traffic always wins over quantity, just remember that!

:) You need to do SEO your website and basically control the keywords that people are using to access your website. For example you can research the PPC value of a keyword and go for the higher paying version. you do not want people coming to your website using cheap keywords because these people are not the right targeted traffic. For example if a person searches for "free desktop wallpaper" and goes to a website and clicks on an ad for a "virus program, they are less likely to buy than a person that searched for a virus program.

:) The more content you have the better, but it must be well optimized for the search engines, otherwise it could be worth nothing. If you are concentrating on making money on AdSense then you should also be researching your keywords and the PPC value of them. Therefore you will be creating valuable content.

I guess I could go on forever about making money with AdSense because I have fallen in love with it.

Yes off course ,Why not.Thanks

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