Yes lots of people make money with google adsense. Other options are affiliate offers.

I have 4 sites on the road, but all sorts of news on time .. Getting there slowly .. The main use of a lot of work to try to clarify things ...

So I had to make money with adsense ... I'm not greedy, but I would like places to meet their needs.

do u have a website or blog?how much old r they?and did u open a adsens account?

Yeah, Traffic and ranking of your search engines really matters a lot to earn the money through ad sense.

Just added Google Adds to my website a week ago and have made $7 till now hope to improve in future

yes, you seem to be doing the right stuff so fa so you will make money if your traffic imporves.

the best person to ask would probably be Dani, ill see if she can take a look

In my opinion, Traffic matters a lot in regards of getting earnings through ad sense. The more traffic will be there, The more are the chances to get clicked and by this way higher will be the CTR that is the main factor for your online revenue.

Usually this is the way it goes: you have more traffic you make more money via paid ads.
However the traffic must be satisfied with what you offer on site ( comming by their own will ) in order to click the ads.

It's actually qute simple. The trick is to have a lot of keywords on your site. Not only that, but to HAVE THE RIGHT ADS on your site. Here some code that should help you garner a little more traffic with google adsense. It is good for a little over a thousand hits a month with this code:
<script type="text/javascript"><!--
google_ad_client = "ca-pub-2629910482788015";
/* Side Dick Ass-ault */
google_ad_slot = "0249634588";
google_ad_width = 160;
google_ad_height = 600;
<script type="text/javascript"

And make sure to check out my blog: there, you might find a couple of pointers on what more to do.

Find something you like to write about and then get a good domain name to go with your content. I mainly use dot com's and net's. I can get the net's to rank as well as the com's. I'm not making a killing but 6 to 8 hundred a month isn't bad for what started as a hobby. I get about a 2.5% click through rate on mostly low price keywords. Every now and then I will see a 5 buck click but most are 25 to 50 cents. If you get 1,000 visitors that's 25 clicks at say 30 cents then you make 7.50 a day or 225 dollars a month. I believe my click thru rate is higher then many.

Main thing is it will take a while for your website to move up in the rankings. Build at least 10 pages of good content with pictures and then start doing some back linking. Then add more pages as you get more traffic. Build it good and they will come in time. Just do not expect overnight success unless you want to spend money or blog night and day. Get a couple of good keywords that people search for that you like to write about and start building. Some people are natural at content creation and make a ton of money with their blogs. It's a learning process

I agree with elbuhleini

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