ppc best sites are infolinks,googleadsense,bidvertiser,clicksor,adfly and much more join and start earning..thanks

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best way is to use google adwords or any any other search engine ppc.

yes dear!google adwords is best for advertiser but for the publisher i think google adsense ,infolinks..are the best ppc..........

There are many PPC website. You can easily earning system from online. Earn from hare just a click.

There so many Pay Per Click Campaign websites like Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Bing PPC, Yahoo. But if you wants to get business from your business services website then you just select Google Adwords because nowadays peoples trust on this search engines to get more traffic, business as well as visits.

Edomz.com is one of the best ppc advertising network. My personal expirence with them good, edomz network really works very good for advertisers and publishers.

i Think adfly is a indian based site so the link is adfly(.)in am i riht or wrong

Hey thank you for sharing the sites for PPC will you have some more sites ???

ppc sites as mentioned above are all good.
Though i want to know ppc cost of adverting on different sites to make a well informed decision.

So can any body tell me one stop place for checking ppc costs or i have to visit to each site for quarying cost of ppc on respective site.

Best sites for ppc:

Thanks for sharing the valuable info related to PPC, does anyone know the packages of different site for PPC.

I use Google, but surely don't want to keep all eggs in one place. Thanks for the clue...

Adsense is currently the best and it has different formats. you can even make money through hubpages and through your own blog..

google adsense it is the best ppc option

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