Well this code is used for finding the dofollow sites, but how can we apply the formula? and where?


Hi Dani,

Akaash has shared about how we can find number of blog posts to comment there (link building).

These are the different search queries, shared by Akaash, which can be used in Google and other search engines to get list of those blog posts. Find the relevant blogs and post the comment. Simple!

If anyone types below search query in Google,

site:.com inurl:blog "post a comment" -"comments closed" -"you must be logged in" "pdf to flipbook"

It will return the results having following:
Must have the word "blog" somewhere in the URL.
Must have .COM TLDs.
Must have the phrase "post a comment" somewhere on the page.
Exclude the results which has the phrase "comments closed" anywhere on the page.
Exclude the results which has the phrase "you must be logged in" anywhere on the page.
VERY IMPORTANT, results would must have the keyword "pdf to flipbook" somewhere on the page.

I hope this would help and clear the confusion.


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