i posted a article around one month ago but its not index yet please tell me how to index it my article url is


its not show any error when i check as index: url on google search just show not found

Well, first of tell me why are you still submitting the article over the article directories to get backlink ?? Are you aware that matt cutts have stated this a while ago that builind links through article directories is spam ? Did trust me have a look at the post over Search engine land And one more thing it looks like you are stressing to much over your keywords by linking your keywords to the page. Tell you what sonner you will get yourself penalized. Now you are going to ask how I know about it, its because Google have also penalized us because of ..... Ohoo those days I am never going to forget that anyway was just giving you a suggestion reset depends upon you. And yes I almost forget about the article crawling I think that may be because its an article directory which I guess I have already stated the reason.

thank kelly burby for the information now i come to know about it