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In order to check the total indexed pages in Google. Use the query, "Site:Yourwebsite.com"

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forgot about this, kudos for a quickfix

Get a webmaster tools account as well,
use it,
there is way more information available than non-webmaster tools users realise

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Prosper2 Actually your method is good but if your website takes more then 100 pages. Then it will be difficult to use. I think we should follow the almostbob's path through Google Webmaster Tool.

Another Method is that... Go to the Google Drive >Create a new spreadsheet>Paste the following function in first cell: [=importXml("https://www.google.com/search?q=site:clippingpathindia.com.com&num=100&start=1","//cite")

Must replace clippingpathindia.com by your domain name.

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I was just going say Google it but you will probably have beetle luck by following almostbob.lol

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