So it has become a big news in India, when you search top 10 criminals then google shows 3 images of Indian Prime Minister and people aren't happy about it.

When I tried searching and read article about it, the article claims that first image is from some other website(The Telegraph) referring to old controversy involiving The Prime Minister, but the first 2 images in google are from same article.

So could this whole thing be publicity stunt by that website? Maybe Dani can tell if google can replace image links from old article(which was from different site) to new one which hosts this article?

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I highly doubt it's a publicity stunt by the Telegraph. I'm sure it's just a case of googlebot's faulty AI.

I'm not quite sure what you mean about Google replacing image links from the old article??


Well the images in google are from website called topyaps, pointing to same article which claims that the images are from The Telegraph.

So I mean stunt or trick by this topyaps website to generate traffic?

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