At Present time does;t matter what is your domain name.If you are working good and Follow search engine terms & condition then you got good result..If you want to better result for your site then you must strong and good Off page techniques

For me branding is very important. Why to focus on keywords based domain name. Today if I'm offering just a single services, then it is okay. But what if I expand my services into different industry verticals?

Also people remember brands, not any keywords. So we should focus more on branding and less on keywords.

If you can combine both brand name and keyword it is much better.

There is no such "more important" thing between keywords and brand. Both plays an important role in building your credibility and realibility as a business. It is much better if you focus on the both techniques. No efforts will be thrown away because all efforts will always worth it.


Branding is more important than keywords. Google often changes their search ranking algorithm, so you can't be sure your website will rank everytime in search engine. So you should focus more on branding, less on keywords if your aim is for long term business. For short term, keywords based domain can be useful.

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