Hello everybody this is first time i have join this community and hope here i will get right answer to my question from all of you, so today i want to ask about bounce rate of my website, which is day by day decreasing and i dont know why this problem occurs. Currently my website bounce rate status is 5.5 out of 100 and which is not good as my point of view, but i unable to rectify the problem to solve the issue with correct way so i need your help, where is the issue.. checkout my website :-http://www.meracoupon.co.in/

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How To Decrease Bounce Rate

Hi guys! can you help me about the bounce rate.
Share some tips for decrease bounce rate becaue i'm beginner in Technology blog.

Why was this downvoted!?

You need to share a little more information:

To recieve any decent responce, we need some stats:

What devices are most of your users using?
What language are you targetting?
Where is you traffic coming from, organic, paid or referral?
If its organic or paid traffic, what are the keywords/phrases etc?


When your website is effected with High Bounce Rate(HBR), first you need to check from which link we are getting HBR, from that particular link check content is user friendly or not, next check website speed.

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