Can we use Bing instead of Google for accurate search result?

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You can if you want. Or you could use Duck Duck Go and have your privacy protected for good measure...

If you go to bing and search for goggles the first hit on the list is google. That ought to tell you something.

If you go to google and search for bing, the second hit is for a CBeebies TV show "Meet Bing, his carer Flop and all their friends. Watch clips and make a picture with Bing. Based on the books by Ted Dewan" although I'm not sure that tells us much.

However, when I go to bing ands search for goggles there are no hits for google on the first page, just hits for goggles. So not sure what's happening at your end Rev!

Thank you for your help guys.

Heh. Weird Bing regional customisation I suspect. Although why it should interpret goggles differently is beyond me :-) goggles.jpg

Is there any other browser like Duck Duck Go ?

You can try Qwant Qwant, although it is said to be bing + privacy.

I don't much care for Qwant's policy of serving up news I did not request.

commented: Also, any pop up with "Wait, before you go" and "allow notifications" on many sites today. +0

@Tomsy_1 Duck Duck Go is the good privacy protected browser then why you searching for another browser like that

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