I would say Google Adsense is currently the best and biggest PPC program

And I would have to agree with that :)

Hey everyone, how'ya doing?

I think the best ptc site is iClick, new and unique!

It is not one of those look-a-like bux sites, it is new and unique!

It has trusted admin and quick payouts, we hope you like it!

Please sign-up now to take some advantages!

Also, i am a PTC pro, if you need any help, feel free to message me!

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Sounds like that scam I got involved in many many moons ago back in what was it, '98, '99. I think it was called Ad Advantage or something similar & b/c I never got to the $25 min., I never got paid one penny for my time.


Sounds like that scam I got involved in many many moons ago back in what was it, '98, '99. I think it was called Ad Advantage or something similar & b/c I never got to the $25 min., I never got paid one penny for my time.


Well, believe me, this is not a scam.
It is an honest site, of course, there have been no payouts to date. (2 day old site)
But i promise you will be paid.
It is a 10$ minimum payout, payout price will never be raised.
If you do not cheat , you will be paid.
I have a good reputation and will keep it that way.
Just sign up to see, the only way that you will be proved wrong is if you try.
You can also pm me if you have any specific questions.

PM Sent :)


PM Sent :)


PM replied to:)

I prefer Adsense

This site Sameem posted http://iclix.hostsnake.com/ is actually his.

He made it seem like it wasn't his & he was just another surfer.

He says he doesn't care if I sign up, so I guess he doesn't care if anyone else signs up either.

I tried to sign up initially, & got some error messages that weren't even in English. That concerns me, especially b/c he's in Toronto.

Then when he gave me another URL which redirected to UTube for a tutorial he created, I'm assuming it's actually for marketing, but I didn't watch it.

So, I deduced that his programming skills (he said he was doing programming for them) weren't the greatest & that concerned me, & I told him.

He got offended by that, said he didn't care if I signed up & that I made the mistake.

He sent me the link again, & yes, this time his signup link was now working, but it seemed really weird. Who doesn't check their signup area when they have just launched a new application?

And I don't see how my computer could cause a redirection problem with a link.

Anyway, does anyone have any thoughts about whether it's worth it to join up with this guy?

Heard anything people?

I just don't like the fact that he made it seem like it wasn't his site, then it is his site, & then the problems with signing up, redirection, etc. I question whether I'd lose money b/c the clicks aren't being monitored properly etc.

Thanks everyone


I also say that Adwords is the best by far at the moment

I do a bit better with Yahoo than Google for the same price per click. They are both good and utilizing PPC is still important in addition to free slots. But, monitor your bids very carefully, there are a lot of click bangers out there.

Google Adsense is better for me

I think Google Adwords is probably the best pay per click / online marketing program mainly because of the high market share that Google enjoys in the search engine market.

As Google has the maximum share of search engine traffic, it is clearly evident that Advertising in Google's online marketing programs will have the widest coverage and exposure.

On the other hand I believe that statistics show that other search engine like MSN and Yahoo have higher conversion rates. These statistics are however in terms of percentages so because of Google's share of the traffic, Google's programs may still receive a wider coverage.

Yahoo and Adwords.

Best Pay per click program differs from one website to the other. A program, which works great with you, may not work well with me. If the pay per click program is related to the product you sell on your website then the chance of getting good result is more. But i like Google Adwords and Kontera.

How is AdEngage? I mean if we do advertising through AdEngage to sell let's say mobiles. Is it worthy? Does the conversion is good through AdEngage?

Can any one share their experiences...

I use Google Adsense but I don't know what CTR is and how each impression reflects on the payment of per click. Right now one click got me 17 cents. Can someone help me out or give me a link?

I think Adsense, YPN and Adbrite, they are all fine

Any other new CPM program which pays more than Google Adsense, YPN and Adbrite?

What is YPN?


YPN - Yahoo! Publisher Network

adsense si the best

i like adsense its the most popular because it has the most traffic

Gadsense of course

Hi again,

I'm new to PPC, so pls. bare with me.

Question... Out of ALL the pay per click SEs & sites, which one do you feel gives you the best ROI?
I'm guessing Google, but just want to hear what others say.

Oh can you please PM me, cuz I don't always get time to read the posts. I'm so busy.

Thanks again & take care

Michelle ;)

GREAT question. Google will give you the highest search volume. Google has a good b2b market. Yahoo and msn has much lower search volume. Yahoo has a better overall b2c market than google and overall older demographic. Many times yahoo and msn CAN convert at a higher rate than google and have a better roi.

In an ideal situation you would test all three... but the issue is identifying good keywords 1st. A good process might be to start with google adwords with conversion tracking in place, then move into yahoo after you have nailed down some good keywords, moving those keywords into yahoo and then msn.

But it's up to you! Depends on your business. What type of business is it?

Can't use AdWords anymore, Google discontinued the word "escort".

I'm not an escort agency, but I am an expert for the industry, so I sell business kits on how to open your own escort agency, how to become an escort, I offer a legal membership with monthly articles, etc.

Now I'm stuck unable to find professional reliable companies that offer PPC where I can advertise & actually make sales from.



no best , only the most suitable one which could max your profits

I've seen Yahoo and MSN do better than Google in many cases in terms of actual ROI. Of course they can't beat Google on volume.

What is YPN?


Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) has a targeting feature unique to the YPN platform called ad targeting. With this, you can specify the targeting category in which your page or site fits best. There are 20 categories and 127 subcategories to choose from. You can target an entire site, a directory, even selecting specific pages. You are limited to 50 targeting sites/directories/pages in your Ad Categories section.

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