Yes, but I doubt they allow adult type sites.


YPN allows for behavioral targeting which can definitely increase conversion rate. You can have a wide reach but it may not effectively convert them all.

Adsense is the best ppc program because it is easy to use and everybody can study it easily

For the websites which are being visited by people interested in some special niches and web contents, Google AdSense can be the best choice.

For other sites which have general themes and with thousands of page views, the ad publishing plans could be great.

Me too, i think google adsense works best for me and i will continue to use it on all my website. It is convenient and effective. Some ppc company like chitika can be included together with google adsense to add extra income for your website and it is no harm adding extra potential income to your website.

these responses makes google adsense the clear winner for best ppc but what if u r banned ......... yahoo is second option or may be adbrite too

PPC advertising is good way for internet marketing.

I have use ValueClick banner advertising for my website.


Value Click comes up on WOT as being a nasty site.


The first question you should be asking is where do the people you want to reach do their searches. Far and away, Google has the lions share of the search market. That being said, Yahoo, MSN, and Ask all have PPC programs that can be profitable. They just will not return the same numbers of total clicks. Google will, by an order of magnitude, produce more clicks. And hence, more leads.

The second thing you should ask, is "What is a lead worth to me?"
When you have an idea what a lead is worth, you can bid your keywords accordingly. Sometimes it takes a bit of historical data, ie. how many clicks at what price turned into leads , before you can put a value on a lead. There really is no shortcut to learning that information. Make a best guesstimate, and tweak as you go.

PPC program adwords is the best,but have you consider PPV Marketing,I have try this one and I have to admit this service lower my advertising budget ,PPV that I use is directcpv perhaps you should check that

there are few good. ppc. but adsense it's the best i know. you can try others, but you will not be sure on the relative clicks!

i use google adsense and i am verry pleased...i make good money

Yes google is best. When you do PPC you have to pay to google for per click on your ads.

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