Hi, I've developed ecommerce application sites and currently use Paypal and nochex (UK only) as tools to process my clients transactions. I wondering any other similar low cost services available to Asian market?

So far I know moneybookers (limited customisation) and pppay (USA, Euro and UK only).

Many Thanks

GreenZap just came out, don't know if they are international yet

Check out Worldpay and when your volume warrants, Barclay's

I've always been a huge fan of Authorize.net. Very open source and flexible. Great fraud screen options. IMO, a solid gateway that's been around since the late 90's.

I remember Authorize.net is only for merchant with US address. I'm in the UK...

Actually Authorizenet.com is for any merchant. The problem is locating a MAP (merchant account provider) that would support someone not in the United States. Some will though. Most gateways in the United States usually use First Data as their transaction processor and actually LinkPoint is owned by First Data.

Protx.com might be a solution for you.

I try to find payment gateway that do not require a merchant account. I develop shopping cart and integrate payment gateway to the system so that my client can enter their id into the system. For example, clients who have paypal account can enter their email in the control panel and this will allow them to accept paypal payments via the shopping cart we provide. If merchant account is needed then not many clients will use it, as merchant account is either expensive or not easy to get for small businesses.

I recently come across Asianpay. Though the discount rate is reasonable but their withdrawal fee is too high. Anyone use it before?

How about 2Checkout? As my clients sell tangible products, is there any risk to my clients to use 2Checkout? I heard 2Checkout will do some checking before releasing the money....


You cannot find an electronic payment gateway that does not require a merchant account. What you are probably looking for is what is known as a third party processor. They use their own proprietary electronic payment gateway and their own merchant account for you to accept credit cards.

I recently come across Asianpay. Though the discount rate is reasonable but their withdrawal fee is too high. Anyone use it before?

Hi zippee .... I'm in AsianPay right now, the system is really secure.

I can say regarding the withdraw fees of ASIANPAY that are in line with the other Payment Processor. It is just 5 USD for Thailand is 25 USD for the other countries. Stormpay charge 50 USD for a wire transfer.

I also hear that soon AsianPay will allow not only the wire transfer but also the withdraw to INTgold and e-gold at very low fee.

Of course the point is always the same... if you need to withdraw just few bucks does not have any sense, if you need to withdraw a reasoable ammount is ok.

I can tell that Today after 8.00 P.M. Thai Time, after the maintenance You will see a simply GREAT NEW ASIANPAY WEBSITE


I am using PaymentAsia now on accepting China Debit Card from Asia. The rate is at 2.5% which is quite reasonalbe. You can check this out at http://www.paymentasia.com

However you will need to learn on how to deal with the clients in their language..

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