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Facebook is the most used and the top social networking site and people are using it widely in the entire world. It is useful not only to make a huge network for friend but one can generate good traffic for the site.
On other hand, Google+ is the social networking site from Google. People are not using Google+ also. Time will tell tell the future of these two social networking sites.

I was a very big fan of Facebook but now i hate Facebook just because of timeline. In timeline there is no privacy. that's why now i prefer to Google+.

Facebook is a great way for web traffic its ow-some as compare to Google Plus may be in future this quality may be changed

Both can help in bringing you traffic.
If I were to chose between the 2 ... I would say Facebook as it has more traffic at this moment.

If you dont wanna share your pictures with anybody, put it up on Google Plus, nobody goes there ! :p

You would say FB has more traffic at this moment? That's an understatement. Google+ claims to have 90 million users, but people only spend about three minutes a month on it.

Facebook, which has over 800 million users, sees usage of six to seven hours a month (this is according to comScore). And I bet that's an understatement as well....I'm sure there's people that use FB that much in a day!

I think that the Google+ users who are bringing the average up to 3 minutes a month are all Google employees. Without them jacking up the average, it would be about a quarter of a second a month ;)

every social network sites has its own strengths it is depand upon us how we are optimizing and make use of it advantages...

Facebook and Google+ both are useful social networking sites to interact with people. The main difference that I observe is that Facebook is old in social network than Google+, so its has more user's.


hi friends.. in my point of view and experience both are same... but i preferred Facebook because there are a huge number of serious users, who know about all marketing technique.

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