Face book is better, i like face book

Facebook is still No1 in this business hope Google+ will takeover

to build up the business with the help of social media marketing,according to me facebook is the best site as it is used by plenty of peoples for various purposes

facebook is the most popular site and this the social media site that has plenty of users,so definitely it should be the best site for social media marketing or for the promotion of the website

facebook is the most popular site continuosly used by lot of people so it will be the best for promotion of website and for social media marketing

Facebook is the King of all Social Networking websites.

facebook i like & on it easy to share their thoughts and plans

Facebook is best for promoting a business
reason there is more active users in facebook compare to twitter and Google+

Facebook because it has lot of users and popularity of facebook is more

Its twitter and google plus to promote business

My vote is for Facebook, twitter and Pinterest.

  1. Google+
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Myspace
  5. Friendfeed

Hi, i think all social site is very importantant to promote Business.

I think facebook is best social Networking sites to promote business.

I think Facebook and Linkedin is the best social network for getting targeted traffic.

I would say Facebook, it has many users. You can create groups and business pages which are very useful for promoting the business.

According to me Facebook and Google+ are the best Social Networking sites to promote business.

All are good but for my point of view digg is best.

Here we have so many popular social networking sites,such as

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google+
  4. Thumbler
  5. Pintrest
  6. LinkdIn
  7. Youtube
    From these sites, I suggest Facebook is the best. Because each individual was having much awareness with Facebook.

If you want more to know your about your business then used facebook but in business LinkedIn is the most fit, we know almost member in LinkedIn is business related person.

Among all Facebook is best social media website for promotion

The sole answer would depend on many factors obviously, but in general, for the cause, they are not separate at all. They in-fact perform in a symbiotic state of unity. Working as 1 in the universe of Social Media promotion.

Facebook is the best one out of these as many user are familiar with it. Recently facebook had more than 1.2 billion monthly active users.

google plus and facebook are the best platform in which you can get the targeted traffic

Hai All,
I Think Facebook and Google Plus are Best.

Facebook is best and most popular social networking site.

Facebook is the best and most popular social networking site.


is best

Although all are good but lot of common people(means those who are not professional) they use Facebook. So it is a good idea to promote your business through Facebook.

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