how much important is pinterest for SEO

Pinterest just like any other social media platform will be important depending on the demographic you are trying to reach. You need to know your product and your demographic (who you are trying to sell the product too). If you are trying to market a food product and your target demographic is women between 25-34 years old in household income brackets above $100k/yr USD - Pinterest may be where you want to focus all of your social media efforts. If you are trying to sell a product to males in that same genre; you are going to find your ROI is horrible and you will probably be out of business and/or customers relatively quickly.

commented: And upvote from me to looks good and well explained. Like any other social media platform is important, same goes with PIN interest. +3

It looks like a newbie question. Few benefits, I thinnk-
1. Getting a no follow link
2. Getting a lot of traffic
3. Better Branding
4. Better chances to be visible in Google Image result.

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Depends on your business. If you've got a visual business than pinterest is a must. It can bring in a lot of traffic if you post constantly your pictures. You also get the backlink towards your site that goes with each picture which google sees and takes into account.

I agree with the others, Pinterest if used for the right company can be be very beneficial. The top favourable images that encourage engagement are animals, food and faces. I think homes and designs or anything you can make to get the creative juices flowing are advantageous too. Moms love ideas for kids to do when its raining. The whole idea is spark the interest with your image and lead them through a link back for more information on your website.

Pinterest has become one of the fastest growing social networks ever and the use of Pinterest for SEO purposes can improve your search rankings quickly and easily. Pinterest has a growing and highly engaged user base of 70 million users in June 2013, making one very huge social network to do business in. More people means more traffic to your website.

In India Pintrest users are very less , but across the world people use pintrest and for ranking purpose it is very useful..

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