Most observers will agree that Google+ has failed to set the social networking world alight, and is far from being a thorn in the side of Facebook. However, now that Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed he's serious about search, could Facebook possibly compete in the Google hood?

dweb-facebooksearch1 The Facebook founder and CEO has gone on the record to insist that "Facebook is pretty uniquely positioned to answer a lot of questions people have" and reveal that the social network is currently fulfilling a billion searches every day "and we’re not even trying".

Of course, the arguments have raged for years about how Facebook could leverage the information it holds and the most common response thrown into the mix is the perhaps a little too obvious one of advertising. Not that Facebook is ignoring the advertising income potential, but it's certainly not ignoring the evolution of search potential either. Zuckerberg has described the way that Google produces lists based partly upon keywords entered as "some magic" and warned that the online world is evolving and search engines have to evolve with it. People want to ask a question and get a set of answers, and that's where the "pretty uniquely positioned" quote comes into play.

Facebook now has a billion users, and is tracking what those members search for within the site. Zuckerberg has acknowledged that the News Feed feature at the heart of the Facebook user experience shouldn't be seen as just a window onto what your friends (and promoted brands) are saying within the social network itself, but rather thought of as something that will expand to become a window onto the wider Internet. In other words, Facebook is serious about competing with Google when it comes to being the default web navigational methodology.

Zuckerberg sees the trillions of connections between friend requests and Facebook content as being a starting point when it comes to mapping the web in a better, more natural, and more user responsive way than exists currently through the traditional link structure system. In a warning shot to Google last month, the Facebook CEO pointed out that the current level of in-house searching has hit a billion queries a day while "we’re basically not even trying". Given that a dedicated team is working on search, and given that Zuckerberg seems pretty serious in exploiting the opportunity to shake up the search market, Google might have good reason to be just a little worried about what happens next.

Earlier this year, a global survey by independent digital marketing agency Greenlight concluded that Facebook could potentially capture close to a quarter of the Search market were it to launch its own search engine tomorrow, making it the second most utilised search engine in every major market except for China, Japan, and Russia, where it would occupy an uncontested third place. The survey also suggested that Facebook could increase its share to 50% within a few years. "These stats suggest Facebook could capture around 22% of the global Search market by simply launching its own search engine tomorrow morning" according to Andreas Pouros, chief operating officer at Greenlight, who added "it wouldn't need to be a spectacular engine either, just well integrated into the Facebook experience and generally competent".

Most observers have no clue what Google+ is or how fast it is growing. Too bad for them.
Check the growth rate here:

Most observers base their observations on the fact that their own social circles have not made the move from other networks, notably Twitter and in particular Facebook. That's the real problem, until and unless Google+ can move beyond the growth in unused/hardly used accounts and become the primary network of choice, then 'most observers' will continue to be more clued up about real world success compared to statistical growth rates...

Google is strong competitor, i think no one can beat google, as G+ is also growing rapidly. Most of the people get addicting of Google.

Facebook has been working on search for years.  As Mark said they are well positioned because they have a significant number of users most of which spend hours at a time on the site.  Many people also have Facebook set as their home page so it'll be easier for them to search the net via Facebook than opening a new window or tab to go to Google.

I think google+ will be ahead of facebook overtime

I anticipate Google, I admire it when it works effectively.

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G+ is best but facebook is really something that will put Google in trouble.
Google is big name but facebook will be a good competitor.

It would be better if you can share the source of this neww. Sorry but it looks like hoax

Zuckerberg speaking at the Disrupt conference last month, quoted directly, no hoax...

I think Facebook will do okay in search, but it's not going to topple big G. They can't match big G's algorythim.

google is the most effective search engine i've used.

Zuckerberg is right in most of what he says,
But I still think Google's engine is much more sophisticated and useful
From facebook

This is not a surprise. If facebook will have to stay in the internet market; they have to build something who can compete with Google.

What else they should have, better than a search engine.

Makes sense to be honest, most days people don't leave outside of facebook except to googl.

"Makes sense to be honest, most days people don't leave outside of facebook except to googl."

Well said Matthecoll. That is actually Facebook's plan, to keep people on the site as long as possible. They even provide discount advertising to marketers who create tabs to display their promotional material right on FB.

Facebook has to do that but Google is still the best one with 80% internet users for searching on the net.

It's great to have a social networking site as search engine. Now it will be easy to promote your site.

I think logistically it would make sense for Facebook to have a part of the search engine industry, But they will never be able to beat Google. Google's algorithims are constantly changing and getting better. SEO, and internet marketing will always be at the mercy of Google.

Seeing google and facebook compete for the best search.... facebook will never ever have a chance! Google has a lot of infastructure (i think that's the word)... that was the main design of google

Mark is a great corporate boy. He has gained much fame in just 28 years of age.

facebook has over 900 millions users all around the World.

dani_krish, they have over a billion now. :)

I think I can not do without GOOGLE what they need

For me too, google is the most effective search engine i've used.

we can not say for sure that FB is going to launch SE, but I feel that they will not succeed if they don't come with some unique in "Search Engine World", cos google is always updating his system, so it will be a very tough job to defeat him SE business.

Facebook is ahead only for visitors. It's really unbelievable it passed a search engine like google.

It will be good for the user, more competition in the search market will increase innovation and provide the user with an overall better expeirnece.

Well I believe Google is a strong competitor. However, Google Plus has not gained much success. So I'm somewhat disagreed with some of you.

Is practical to be sincere, most times individuals don't keep outside of facebook or myspace except to good1.