I need your help and recommendations. Built my own machine. Two year old MSI motherboard when south on me so I decided to replace it and update CPU at same time. I want to keep old HDD, which is a 200 gig Sata Seagate. Probably should just reformat, but too many programs and not enough time. Anyhow, new mobo is ECS, C51GM-MV. Installed AMD Athalon, 64 bit, dual 3800. OS is XP pro. Bios on both boards are Phenoix. I have been told after installing Raid driver to do a XP repair install which is new XP over the old. I have also been told another way is to go to safe mode and delete all hardware divices so that windows reinstalls them when the old window boots up. There is also the option of reformatting which I probably should do, but not right now.

There are no outboard cards, all cards are inboard and I have the drivers on a CD. What do you recommend in regards to installing old HDD.

you have one hdd ,why do you need to install raid drivers ,you really should do a format reinstall ,but a install over might work,also things could go wrong and you could lose all data on the drive so a backup is recommended,i never do though ,