Hello, I am looking for some insight on this CPU cooler. I have read many many reviews on the web as well as a lot of customer reviews on Newegg.com for this product. Most of them say it is a top-notch product while some tell horror stories of broken retaining clips and terrible installation. I don't know what to believe here and am wondering if anyone here uses this cooler or has any experience with it. I am running an AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition @ 3.1GHZ (up from 2.6). At stock speed, this CPU puts out 65w of thermal power. Overclocked, still at its stock voltage (using unlocked multiplier) it pushes only around 80w max. This is very low compared to some CPU's, but the stock cooler from my 3800+ just isn't cutting it.

This cooler is inexpensive at $20.00 with free shipping. I am just worried about the few negative ratings it got. My general thought is that it is a good product, I just like to hear from others! Here is the link to it on newegg:


Thanks, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Why are U using a cooler that is known to be under rated?

It was temporary... I now have the AC Freezer installed and it works great.

I am doing a follow-up review on the Freezer 64 PRO from Arctic cooling. This cooler is based on a 6 heatpipe design (3 used double sided), all copper base, and an array of aluminum fins.


In the picture below, you can see the bottom three fins are turned downwards slightly. This unique design is for cooling of the voltage regulators located right behind the socket. They indeed do their job and blow air at the converters!


The fan is a low speed 92mm fan using AC's ceramic bearing and open side design. It is mounted on four rubber mounts designed to reduce the normal vibrations of fans. The mounting bracket fits sockets 754, 939, 940, and AM2.


The base comes with AC's MX-1 paste pre-applied so you don't have to worry about messing with the paste yourself!


The cooler was very easy to install. It uses the stock AMD retention bracket, so no modifications to your board need to be done. It is as simple as attaching the stock cooler! This is a large cooler, make sure you have room! It is very light though, around 525g. This is because most of the cooler is aluminum fin.



Not only is this cooler inexpensive (around $25), it really takes the heat, literally. It was in and running within five min, which included removal of the old cooler and cleaning of the CPU's heat spreader. The PWM fan is extremely quiet at lower temperatures and gets a little noisier as the temps get hot. It isn't unbearable, but you can slightly notice it. The pre-allpied MX-1 paste worried me for a bit until I read that it is supposed to be the best. It has a 200 hour cure period when the performance will slowly increase as it dries. My temps started out higher than the stock 3800+ cooler I was using. This scared me, but I waited it out. After numerous high-heat stress-tests and long hours gaming, the paste is starting to set in enough to show a change in temperature. I have seen a drop in about 10*C in about two weeks time. This is a HUGE drop and I expect it to drop even more. The MX-1 is good stuff!

I give this cooler a solid 5 out of 5!

I had 1 on my old system, I was very impressed with its silence, but cooling wasn't fantastic, but exceptional 4 the money. I would buy it and if you swap it out save the fan...AC makes the best. Best Regards, Mav.