I have a Gateway MX6426 Laptop. When you push the power button, the power light comes on, you can hear what sound like the hd heads moving, but the only thing that happens is the left hand light on the mouse pad comes on solid and the 4th light form the left on the mouse pad starts flashing, 10 or 12 times and the the 2nd and 3 light from the left on the mouse pad both flash and everything starts over again. The fan will come on after the machine has been on for a while.
I have reset the memory, pulled the HD and tried to boot, put a bootable CD in drive, reset the battery, pulled the battery and booted on externial power, but nothing changes.
Any ideas or suggestions?

Could be motherboard. See the link below:
laptop won't boot
The suggested simple test to know if it is or isn't:

If you want to find out if it’s your motherboard...
-unplug hard dive
-unplug ram
-unplug CD rom
-then hit the power button

If the motherboard is working correctly you should get a beep code. This is the motherboard saying "I have no ram in me". If you hear no beep, then the problem is your motherboard.