Hey Folk Can You Help Me?
I have a very curious problem-my Dell Latitude D610 XP sp3 Swedish won´t start from the power button on the keyboard. The problem started after a faulty release from a D-serie docking station (didn´t use the secure release commando under “Start” in Windows or the button on the docking station). I have done this to try to make it work:

Put the laptop back in the docking-station and undocked it with the right procedures- one time from the computer´s commando and one time from the docking-stations release button.

Taken out the battery, waited 10 minutes, put it back in and tried to start but no reaction from the laptop.

Taken out the battery and tried to start with only the power cable = no reaction from the laptop

No battery, holding in the button for 10 seconds, no sound, no buzz no nothing but no reaction.

Tried to repair it from XP installation-disc but no luck…..

Are there components to the power-button that I can replace?

Something else I can try? Anyone that have other ideas? What do I have to replace, if anything? ………………..Mika

Take it apart and see if its broken or loose. (the power button.) Other then that nothing I can think of..