i'm looking for a small form factor PSU that will still give me ~500W. I have a computer installed in a medium-large guitar amp, and it's not very deep. i don't have much in there, just the motherboard mounted to the front surface. i hook an optical drive up only when i need it... so other than the PSU, the HDD is the only thing in the amp. i'm just looking for the smallest thing possible, and exploring some alternatives. a normal ATX PSU is just slightly too big to fit in the top comparment (behind where the volume controls and microphone/guitar input/outputs would be). i'm thinking about stripping down an ATX PSU and making/acquiring a custom case for it so it'll fit, but that creates other issues (like choosing fans to use, and will it fry me someday?) that i wouldn't have to deal with if i just bought something.

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