I have recently built my own Windows 7 Media Center PC I used the Gigabyte S775 Intel G41 motherboard and the Hauppauge WinTv Nova-S2 HD TV Card. The motherboard has a built in Intel GMA X4500 graphics controller.

It all worked fine for a couple of days I had DVD's playing web brosing and watching TV.

I'm watching live TV through Media Center Suddenly the TV picture freezes a blue screen appears for a couple of seconds (I didnt have time to read it) and then the picture disinegrated into a bunch of random characters, then coloured dots then nothing and the sound made a rather terminal squelching noise.

It now will power on but the screen just shows "no signal" and that's that.

I tried removing the TV card - same.

I tried using a VGA cable instead of an HDMI cable on a different screen - same.

I'm guessing its the display adaptor on the motherboard thats fried and that I just take it out and send it back?

Well if you bought it recently then it should have warranty, go and get it replaced.