Hi friends !

I have a laptop model: Fujitsu Siemens (Amilo La1703). From last few days, it started giving problem of "Automatic turn off". Even screen used to flicker sometimes.

I guessed it might be the problem of "Overheating". I decided to apply some thermal paste to CPU and clean the fan. So I opened it (after removing battery and AC power) and removed the dust with "Air Blower". I applied some "circuit cleaning solution" and cleaned the fan. When I was trying to get the CPU out, I found that it is fixed with heat sink and will not come out. I just closed the cover.

Now, when I plugged the power source again and turned the power button on, I noticed that laptop is not even showing "start up BIOS messages". Fan is working. I connected it to external monitor to see if laptop screen might not be showing output, I found that even external monitor is not showing anything.

I also noticed that ...

1. When I press the power button to start the laptop. Power led gets ON continuously.
2. When I connect AC supply, AC led gets ON continuously.


3. The led that shows "Process and Loading (I don't know what is it said), I see that for two times it blinks and then gets OFF.

I fear if it is problem of CPU. What may be the cause of such problem ? Please help me in solving this issue.


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Did you make sure that the different length screws went back into the correct places?
The reason I ask this is because I fixed a Dell sometime back that the owner had taken apart. He had fitted a longer screw in the wrong place and it touched and shorted out a component on the motherboard!

Thanks for your reply. While opening I had noted from where I removed which screws and fixed them in the same manner. I will look it again but I don't think it was wrongly fitted.

Also, make sure you didn't miss any connectors!

if you did wrong connection in between the circuits it will show this problems. there are different settings for different laptop manufacturer companies. so check whether setting of your laptop is changed.

Sorry for not being on the discussion for long. Well...I found that it might be processor problem and as I did not have that kind of processor, I returned the laptop back to the customer.

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