I have 2 harddrives. One is a 40 gig maxtor and the other is an 80 gig maxtor. On Easter of this year I had the pleasure of receiving a worm virus which crashed the 40 that was a slave. To get the computer to run, I had to disconnect it. It has some info on it that I am going to try to get back with the http://www.runtime.org site and the GETDATABACK program, but I also want to format the 80 gig harddrive to reinstall XP. The copy of XP on the PC now is apparently pirated, so I bought a copy to install to be able to get updates again. The 80 gig harddrive has been partitioned to 4 equal parts. I have some program files on C: which I am going to try to move to another partition. How do I format only C:? I put the maxtor disk in to format and it only gives me the option to format the whole drive. What do I do? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!!!!

Start Windows XP Setup. During the pre-setup phase, youre given the option of formatting the partitions. Use that to format C:. Refer the Windows XP instruction manual for detailed info.