I'll start by saying I haven't had to work with SCSI in a good 15 years...

But, I'm trying to set up a new-ish server for a non-profit client. Hardware is a HP DL-140 (G1) server with an ATTO UL4D SCSI adapter attached to a Rorke Data RS-0800 LVD JBOD. The machine is running a fresh XP Pro SP3 install with the latest ATTO drivers. There are no other SCSI devices, and the only other attached device is the internal IDE HD.

As far as I can tell, the drives in the array are unformatted. With the ATTO card in but nothing attached, the machine boots normally. With the JBOD attached, it gets to the XP loading screen and doesn't get beyond that, nor will it get any further in Safe Mode boot attempts.

I've also tried to format the drives through the card's startup utility. It will display "FORMATTING" and show some initial signs of drive activity, but go no further than that (I left it over the weekend, no progress).

Any help would be appreciated, I'm completely stumped.

"New Hardware" always handles storage media the same way, Detection, translation, and so on. Your OS isn't detecting the hardware. Best bet is to call OEM (enclosure, etc.) for guidance. I assume that you've ran into MS's notation for known hardware types, seems as tho your's didn't make the list.