How can i instal windows Xp sp 2 32 bit on core i7 ?
I have tried many time to instal windows xp but not succeed

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What problem are you having exactly? No reason why it shouldnt install that I can think of...

You boot from the CD, the setup starts...how far do you get?


I have boot from the cd but when it comes on hard drive partation eror displayed " setup could not find any hard disk instaled your PC "

while i m bootin with windows 7 than all things are wright and no any eror & win 7 instal on it

I want to instal win xp instead of Win 7.


I suspect your Hard Drive is connected SATA? Sounds like it, because of hte fact that XP doesnt detect it but Windows 7 does.

You either need to disable the SATA mode in the BIOS, or better yet, right when the setup process starts hit F6 so you can provide the setup program the correct SATA driver for your hard drive so it can detect it.

Not sure what hardware you have, but HP has a guide on this subject and it applies to this topic. The screenshots may be different, but the concept would be the same.


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