If you are plugged into a surge protector or UPS, try plugging it straight into the wall. If killing the power for a few minutes doesn't do the trick, it sounds like a hardware failure. Could be faulty power supply, or mainboard as the first possible culprit. I would suggest getting it looked at by a competent technician.

Same problem with me
CPU starts but power button light blinks and nothing on monitor,no signal.
I tried to pulled out ram there after power button light stop blinking,blowing properly.
Is it Ram issue or Power supply?

So much wrong info here.. The power light flickers when theres not enough power to the motherboard. Its a built in feature of the MB. Had this problem many times when fixing comp problems. Replace the PSU. That fixes the problem!

I did replaced psu and ram
But still problem continued..
don't know what's wrong

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Do I need to change mobo?

I have plugged in the AC adapter but the power and battery LED's are flashing at an interval of 5 seconds. I don't know whether it is charging the battery or something else. But the system won't power up. I would be pleased if anyone has the solution for this.

It's a simple fix, you just need to replace the 3 volt battery on the mother board. I had the same problem and I figured it out myself.

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there was Two power lights in my CPU..
one was ReD and the other was green.
today,when I turned my pc on
the red light is okay
but the green one is not working.
and by this,my computer speed has turned slow

Thanks to @Isaac_11
Replace the battery solved my problem.
Great advice.

I am having the same problem, however when I push and hold either the FN key or the Windows key the screen comes on and it starts to boot. As long as I hold down either one of those keys the computer works, however if I let the key up it up the screen goes off and it shuts down to the power button blinking again. If I push either of the buttons again it boots up again.... what the heck could be causing this?
HP Pavillion

everyone above read this it is important to this issue and could be your solution...
i have had this problem with a computer i've had for years...all of a sudden it won't boot when the green power light is blinking...for a month now but i would wait and sometimes in 5 minutes i would push the power button and it would go on or sometimes hours and this last time was a whole week before the blinking light went to solid green so i could boot...i decided to never take power from the computer so it's always hooked up to ac power...this may be programmed into the motherboard for some reason...so just leave it plugged in...it may take months but when the light stops blinking...your computer will boot as normal and leave it plugged in and it will stay solid green for normal use....good luck but have patience and wait it out till it goes solid green again and it will stay solid green as long as ac power is always connected.

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Hey, um, the same thing happens to me, but the solution is pretty darn simple.
Just conect it, close it, and wait an hour, that worked for me and i felt like a superhero when i discovered it!
Good Luck!

Hey guys please help me . I am very very new to computer One night I turned on my computer and after some time when I came back , I saw the start button blinking and the fans turning on and off .

Is it the MOBO

Maybe one of the motherboard's capacitors has burned out.

Possible Solutions:

  1. Check if the power switch wires are properly connected to the motherboard in the correct pins. They should be labeled.

  2. Remove the CPU and try starting up the computer. Most motherboards will give you an error. If you successfully see this error then you can assume that the CPU is causing problems.

  3. Some motherboards have a built in power and reset switch. If yours does, try using those instead.

  4. When you disconnect the 4 pins from the motherboard, if you have a dedicated graphics card then try to connect the video cable to your onboard graphics in an attempt to get something to display rather than the graphics card.

i am also favcing problem in my cpu it blink for 3 times and not starting

my cpu is of intex company

Probably the power supply. I have just had this problem after rebuilding a new PC in an old case. Check that the main loom is securely inserted into its socket and that it is being held firmly in its place in the socket by the 'catch' on the plug. Do the same thing for the auxiliary power cable. PCs will often boot even if their power cables are not fully inserted in their sockets, as the individual wires can still make contact. Of course, it could be that the power supply itself is faulty and that it is just not pushing out enough power on at least one of the rails (and probably this is the one that is attached to the boot drive). If these suggestions don't help, take it in to you friendly local computer repairer....

The solution is to clean the fan.
I was having this issue and i just solved it by opening up the system and cleaning the fan.
It works fine now.

So, if you take the side off your tower you should be able to see at least one light on the motherboard. It used to be that you could tell where the problem was with some computers by studying the amount and rate of blinking this light does like a diagnostic code when you power on. If you are trying the cmos battery out or bios jumper method, when you have turned all power sources off then press the start button again otherwise the board may hold a residual amount of power. And the dude with the i-Tunes problem......everything SHOULD be in the cloud, the i-Cloud.

If you have two power sockets next to each other where you are plugged in, try switching them around every now and again, this appears to fire up the charging. Perhaps the computer just needs a change every now and again.

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My Dell CPU makes sharp noise and monitor doesn't on but rather blink. I started experiencing it as soon as I change the CPU battery. What could be the case?

For Fr@nkyfrank,

The most likely cause is what you did last. Put the old battery back, do the usual CMOS/RTC reset and consider that posting under a 15 year discussion is not a good idea as the discussion is quite old and members may not check it out.

Yeah, Ive tried holding in the power button, held it for 2 minutes and the light doesnt go out. There is nothing running on the computer, it just wont turn off and the light blinks very rapidly. It hasnt booted up either. No fans running, no nothing. I turned it on one day and all it did was start blinking.

I shutdown my laptop and than turned it back on and noe it wont turn on. The power light is flashing and my laptop screen wont turn on.

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seriously? a 15 years old post suddenly got heat up again? LOL. I wonder if the person that ask for this still here.

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bro it was happed to me also i dont know what to do when i click the power button it just blink and when i leave it, it blink 1 more time and then dead no fan and other things are running please help me to figure it out

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