I had the same problem. I recognized that the orange blinking light meant there was no charge to the battery. That meant thaat either the power/charge cord was not working or the electrical socket, which I had the computer plugged into was bad. It actually was the electrical socket. My computer works fine now.


i've found a solution.
1.) Take the protective cover off of the tower so that your motherboard is exposed. (notice that your power light is blinking rapidly)
2.) Unplugg the main power source to the motherboard. the 24 prong plugg. The light should be on constantly or blinking slower.
If it's on constatly, Good. If it's blinking slower try sliding the swith on the back of the powersource twice. the computer will only turn on if the switch is in its original position.
3.) **Once the light is constant **then plug back in the main plug to your motherboard and hit the power.
its not going to run right away but youll hear the fans turn on then back off. and the light will be blinking again
4.) Just unplugg the plug again and keep reapeating. wait untill the light is constant to plug back in the power to the Mobo

sometimes i will sit for near an hour reapeting this process to get my computer running, but it always eventually works. I also tend to leave my computer on for awhile and when i come back its off with the light blinking again so i recommend turning the PC off when not being used for awhile.
if your computer tends to do this often then something is def wrong with the power supply or your motherboard. this always will work but it can be a pain trying to turn on your comp. for 45 min to an hour. Tho sometimes it will get running in like 10 tries only taking me like 10 min.

I got the same problem here. I think my motherboard is dead because I kept my computer for 7 years now. Its impossible for me to think that there is still no problem with it. I just need to contact a technician and let them solve the problem.

I have a DELL pc and before a month my pc didn't detect the modem and the power light keeps on blinking whenever i switch on my pc. But when I unplug the modem wire it works fine.. But now a days it became a big headache for me. It doesn't start up even after unplugging the modem. So looking forward to anyone who would help me.. Please

I have a Dell Optiplex GX520. I have used it for several years, no problems.
This morning when I tried to tuen it on the power light was amber and there was a clicking noise. There were three little green lights blinking next to the power light that coincided with the clicks.
I held the power button down. The power light went out but my network is still working.
There were no beeps just the clicking. Nothing on the display.
Any help would be appreciated.

hi I m having same problem but my pc statr automatically in 5 or 10 minuts but i m still worried what should i do?

The problem might bee your usb cables unplug every thing and put it in one at a time worked for me :D

well it may also caused by overheating, check your thermal paste if it is enough or depleted, cause if you dont repalced it yearly then it overheats faster and the red blinking stuff again

I had same problem before you just need to replace new battery for the motherboard.

It's your motherboard ... by easy stages, the led wouldnot blink again, just check the motherboard to the technician and perhaps it needs to replace

I noticed that 7 months ago with my old mobo got a new one now
well my old mobo had good ram on it one day suddenly turns on but no screen comes up i took one ram stick out and tried it it finally turned on but try taking it to a PC vendor and get them to take the ram out and see if that works

I got a computer from my work for free and i got it hooked up to the wall outlet and it powers up and the fans spin but noting else happens?

Here is what I tried

holding the power button for 30 seconds to a minute the did nothing
then I pulled the ram card out and there were no beeps but turned on for 4 seconds and then shut off then powered up again then shutoff then powered back up again and it repeated this over and over again.

Please dont tell me that this is my motherboard

I have pc dell xps windows 7. Won't power on blinking power light also constant beeping noise. Wont boot! All I did night before was shut down from start menu. It was working great. Please advise. I'm a college student can't afford much. Thanks

ihave the same probs i just use the hair dryer trick thats blow cool air into the fan on the back of your psu power supply unit for around 45 second to 1 minute that should get you started again ie the bliknling to stop and go solid them press the start button

ok, so a few hours ago i had recently turned on my desktop that haddent been touched in 3 years, i turn it on and everythings ok. then i get two updateds. i update and still, everythings ok. then an other two updates pop up, and i click on them, there were 4 optional updates that i could update, i updated all 6 updates, it trys to reboot but fails. a few min. later, i saw the power button slowly dimming, and then lighting up (etc.). ive ytryed holding down the power button for 30 sec. nothing. i unplug then plug back up, and still nothing. the last thing i tryed was pluging it into an other monitor and outlet. and still nothing, i would greatly appreciate it if someone could help :)

i was helping a frend load on my pc wit his harddrive then after i finished disconectd his to place my bck screen went greenish n i tried taking everything out n putting them bck nthn happens insted nw it just blinks n wont boot ...... Help

Technically, advice to replaced simus battery (I think it's worn-out). You just press F1 or F2 to boot it up then. Hope it's gonna be fine. Else more if it doesn't work try to check MB/RAM if it's fine or some busted maybe hope so not. Wish you well.

My cpu doesnt work too, when i press the on button it flashes blue light and a click noise and stops and it blinks again with the noise even I'm not pressing it. Tried everything but doesn't work. Please i need help! Med student here...

Blinking monitor light is problem of RAM. Take out the RAM, clean it with cloth and put it back.

I cleaned the rams with a cloth and placed them back firmly but still says no video input . what can i do now?

My laptop Sony vaio (VPCS111FM) recently started giving trouble in starting. when i press power button all the LEDs (power,num lock,caps lock,Scrol lock) will keep flashing at every 3 second interval for abut an hour and then laptop starts. some times this time may be less and some times it is even more. i have done the following things but still the problem continues.

  1. Battery is new and in perfectly working condition ( 2 hours back up)
  2. Power adapter is in perfect working condition ( checked by multi meter)
  3. I have done power draining from mother borad by holding the power button for a minute with both battery and power adapter removed.
  4. Recently got thermal paste and stickers replaced by a certified technician ( after this problem got started)
  5. checked with fully charged battery, only with power adapter ( without battery) and with both power adapter and the battery.
  6. did factory reset of the laptop ( though i strongly believe the problem is not of software)

despite all the above my laptop still giving me trouble in starting.

Please guys my system simply turns on i mean with the fans and goes off again after 1 or 2sec, one of the boot light begins to blink red and the system never boots at all. The light on the board is intact & nothing else works. Sometimes it happens and boot after several trials but at other times it doesn't even works at all. Pls what could possibly be wrong. I use an hp Compaq tower pc. Pls

I m certified tech from India ..here, what I would like to suggest about the defect vit the computer is to replace the PSU ... Its just simple .. Purchase the Hardware (PSU) from authorised dealer and pluged in ur computer the way as before ... Thank you

I would suggest first discharge your computer easily by the following steps:
1. unplug the power cord to your computer, pressing the power button on the computer do not let go.
This will discharge the PC.
2. connect the power cord again, power on as usual.

If still the same problem, try reseat the mobo Bios battery and reseat all the parts like video card, RAM module.

Hope these help,
Kind regards,
Tech Support Manager

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Have you tried pulling the power cord from the back of the system and plugging it back in? If so does it still do the same thing?

I had this exact problem, it was the CPU. I sent it back to the company I bought it from and got a new one, problem fixed.

If you are plugged into a surge protector or UPS, try plugging it straight into the wall. If killing the power for a few minutes doesn't do the trick, it sounds like a hardware failure. Could be faulty power supply, or mainboard as the first possible culprit. I would suggest getting it looked at by a competent technician.

I have a feeling too that it might be the MOBO.

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