Okay, a few months ago, my dad's friend built him a PC cheap, and everything was fast and tickedy boo until now... BOTH the drives keep their names and letters, but have the words "CD Drive" just underneath on the left. They won't play or write DVD's anymore, and blank DVD's get marked as blank CD's now.

Can anyone offer me a practical solution? I e-mailed Sony for support, and they told me, "There are no drivers available for XP. There must be some kind of conflict, I would suggest to verify, the master/slave configuration.". Now that's all well and good but it means nothing to me, so can anyone help me? Preferably in loud, slow, big letters in a literal click by click solution. :lol:

Thanks alot!

I don't really know what happened to your computer, but Sony is telling you to open up your case and check the IDE Ribbons connecting your optics drive to the main board. The one on top of the ribbon is the master and the one in the center is the slave. You might want to buy a new cord or try switching parts with another computer to see what's wrong. Or, one of the cords might have come lose inside the PC. Sorry, but its a hand-by-pull semi-solution.

Edited so that eyes don't burn after reading. -'Stein ;)