I force flashed a gatway computer, i440bx mb. Now I have no video and it won't search for a floppy disk when you boot. Is there any way to recover from this, please help!

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Forced flash, if gone bad, can be fixed if you have Floppy drive and boot floppy disk with BIOS file and flash program on it with command-line in the Autoexec.bat. The idea is that floppy drive controller is standard with most motherboards, so flashing the wrong BIOS would leave you with operational floppy drive. Only, it is supposed to seek floppy boot disk automatically, after a bad flash.

The "i440bx" you stated is (Intel's) chipset on your mobo, and not the motherboard manufacturer/model.

You can try contacting gateway for customer support if your floppy isn't responding.

Last resort would be contacting these guys for the new BIOS chip. I think that Award/phoenix is offering same service, but I didn't find the details on their site.

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