I just received my barebones kit. Case, MB, power supply, wireless card, Duo Core Intel 4 CPU. So I changed my HD, CD, DVD etc to the new kit. After re-registering WinXP I needed to re-boot. At that point everything seemed ok. I had booted up ok, it seemed all I would need to adjust was my video settings. When the new boot got going I was asked if I wanted to make a backup of a SATA disc. At first I said no. I was then sent to another re-boot. When it reached that point again I said yes and made the backup disc. I was then sent to another boot. I thouhgt that was it and I would boot through. Wrong! I am now stuck in this loop. Make a disc then re-boot, don't make a disc and re-boot. No matter what I do I am stuck in this loop.
Anyone know what's up with that?:?:

I did something very similar a while back, I changed my motherboard, CPU, and RAM. And when I fired it up the hdd booted up my OS, but it was very buggy. The next three times if booted the OS got progressively worse and finally wouldn't boot at all.

As I understand it the hdd was used to seeing the chip set from the other motherboard, and when it saw the new chip set on the new motherboard it got confused.