Good evening,

I have an old desktop that is running with an Athlon 2200 chip. I recently noticed it was overheating, so I took it apart and saw that there was a lot of dust and fuzz inside, so I opened it up, vacuumed the case, and installed a new CPU fan (and pulled the CPU) After that, the BIOS is now showing the CPU as a Sempron 1800, not as an Athlon 2200 (which it was before).

Any clues? Did I mess up the BIOS? Or did I accidentally clear a jumper I shouldn't have? I don't think that I did anything like that, but I'm not positive.

- Bill

I have some friends that had some semprons that seemed to 'underclock' themselves. one had a sempron that went from 1.9 to 1.2 ghz. I got CPU-Z and noticed that the fsb was not what is was supposed to be. (I checked some references I googled to find the fsb of some older processors). With that in mind, I went to BIOS setup and manually changed the fsb back to what it was supposed to be. That seemed to work.

About it changing from an athlon to a sempron. you might want to try a BIOS flash.