So I shut down my computer through Knoppix CD. Everything was normal. Then I tried to reboot. Nothing happened. As if the computer wasn't plugged in. But my Power supply fan, the case fan, and the chipset fan were still spinning. So I switched the power supply off and unplugged it, the fans stayed on.

I plugged the PS back in, turn it on and tried to boot and still nothing, just the fans spinning uninterrupted. I unplugged the PS again and waited.

It's been over an hour, I've tried several times plugging and unplugging the PS and trying to boot and nothing. Now my computer sits unplugged and my fans are still spinning. Tesla would be proud.

Anyone have any experience with this sort of phenomenon? Or any suggestions on what I should do about it?

Did my power supply go into overheat mode maybe? It's cool to the touch.


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Okay, I figured it out. I had a firewire cable plugged into my macbook. When I unplugged the firewire cable the fans shut off and I was able to boot up my computer again. No free energy, oh well.

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