I am going to build a computer for the first time and i need some advice. I am looking for a good motherboard that i can play some games on, but i dont want to turn it into a straight up gaming computer. I already have my power supply and 2 120 gb hard drives. i would appreciate any and all advice!

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Assuming you live in the united states, this website will be your best friend.

I would recommend going with AMD processors (so an AMD compatible motherboard would be in order.

The only reason I'd recommend AMD over Intel is the price. Intel has some cheaper CPUs these days but AMD has the cheapest... the near top of the line is about 160 bucks, (6000 dual core) there's one higher than that but I wouldn't get that.

if you go to newegg and go to motherboards you can select motherboards based on AMD or Intel compatibility.


i think that all u need is a computer on which u can play games with moderate graphics along with computing.i think the new amda 64 bit processor & motherboard with an inbuilt graphics of 128 mb with pixell shade is enough for ur needs.it cost abt 7500 i think.

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